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Hunter McGahan
Hunter McGahan is a Freshman and is experiencing his first year as a writer for MavLife News. He enjoys writing greatly, but doesn't like to read very often. When he has free time he usually (which rarely happens) he likes to play video games. It is a side hobby that he likes to do, but his main hobby is collecting. He collects all kinds of stuff such as: coins, stamps, shells, rocks, gems, tea spoons, shot glasses, antiques, bouncy balls and other random items he finds fascinating. Hunter goes to water polo daily for 2 hours everyday accept on the Friday, and Saturday. When he doesn't have to practice over the weekends he goes camping with a group of friends, and we enjoy the scenery and socialize. Water is a big part of Hunter's life, he goes bogie-boarding, wants to learn how to surf, is going to join the swim team, does water polo, and loves doing laps, and going to the beach. He doesn't really know what he is going to do for the future, and will let life flow to him, instead of facing against it. Hunter can't wait to add journalism to my list of fun activities, and really dig deep into it!

Hunter Mcgahan, Staff Writer

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