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The former composition was about the introductory rules we buy mdma need to follow when we start mushroom selecting, when and where to pick mushrooms, and what are the areas where we should surely avoid picking mushrooms. This composition will cover the introductory outfit, proper freshman knowledge, and how to collect it.

Standard outfit from apparel to tools

For picking mushrooms, choose comfortable, durable apparel that can repel thick bushy or damp areas. Our general hiking apparel ( comfortable thrills, thick socks, long pants, permeable, waterproof top, jacket if demanded) is perfect for this purpose.

The introductory accessory for mushroom selecting is a shopping handbasket and a sharp cutter. In all cases, remove the picked mushrooms to a well- voiced wicker ( club) handbasket made of natural accoutrements! The handbasket can also be lined with newsprint or a cloth.

Still, pail or box, the regenerating bodies will snappily toast up and suffocate, If the mushrooms are taken in a unrestricted plastic bag. Another disadvantage is that the picked mushrooms are crushed, making them unrecognizable, making it insolvable to descry them directly during examination.

In any case, we should have a potable, light device and telephone in case we get lost or get dark, as we may lose our sense of direction and time while collecting.

For after reference, it can be useful to mark rich product spots on a chart mobile app so you can fluently find your way back there coming time.

What and how important to take off?

Only collect mushrooms for food that you’re sure to fete! Only mature, fresh and healthy fruiting bodies are gathered. Don’t take aged, soaked, firmed, wormy, masticated, moldy or putrefied mushrooms with you in the same way as small, veritably youthful individualities! The ultimate don’t yet have distinctive emblems, so they’re frequently not easily recognizable.

Still, put it back on the soil of the timber or field so that it can scatter its spores and feed the myriad occupants of the niche!

If we picked up a mushroom that’s unfit for mortal consumption by mistake and still do n’t take it with us as a result.

Only collect enough mushrooms for your own or family needs! Do n’t be inextinguishable and do n’t fully deplete a rich niche if you do n’t use it latterly. The statutory individual demand appertained to in the former composition is 2 kg, which a person can pick up in one day.

How do we take it off?

As a freshman, let’s try to collect the mushrooms as professionally as possible so as not to beget damage to nature or the mushrooms plant. Gently separate the fruiting body of the mushroom from the soil, also bury or cover the performing depression with gutter so that the exposed mushroom vestments don’t dry out. Therefore, another mushroom is more likely to grow in its place. However, use a sharp cutter to reach under it and cut it off, If the mushroom is taken from a rotten tree or log.

It’s judicious to clean the collected mushrooms from the clinging earth from debris and factory remainders while still at the collection point so that we don’t pollute the other mushrooms formerly in our handbasket.

In particular, make sure that any special features aren’t damaged (eg collar, bocce). These sections will be helpful in relating the species.

In addition to knowing the most common and popular comestible mushroom species, it’s essential to identify certain deadly mushroom species with certainty. The list includes killer agaric, white agaric, fly agaric, poisonous spider mushroom, sulfur unheroic spider mushroom, pine helmet mushroom and roe deer. It’s veritably important to consider any mushrooms that are unknown to us as poisonous.

Don’t hurt honored toxic or indigestible mushrooms, leave them untouched! In order to determine each unknown species, we can take a outside of 2-3 of these fungi with us to the fungal expert independently. Don’t clean or cut anything from them, make sure that the special features remain.

Under no circumstances should we taste the collected raw mushrooms. Indeed a single trial can beget severe poisoning!

Let’s use special books and mushroom identifiers during the collections in order to expand our knowledge on the spot and to identify certain species more precisely. Take filmland of special, unknown mushroom species! If you want to gain more serious knowledge, you can choose from a number of organized trainings.

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