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5 Simple Ecommerce Link Building Tactics- You Should Know

Before you start building links, you should know how many links your website already has and how good those links are. The SEO Agency Australia can help you start building links.

These can come from product links, syndicated pieces, old news coverage, a happy customer leaving your website as a resource on a forum page, random directory websites, and more.

Adding a blog with relevant content to your site and then reaching out to people to get them to link to your posts is a great way to get links. By linking to pages that are more likely to convert, you can pass on the benefits of the referral. Look at the “Top Pages by Links” section of Ahrefs after searching for a competitor to see which pages have referrals. With these ideas, you can make content that stands out from other pages like it, making it more likely that someone will link to your resources.

Keep an eye on your top competitors to see if they have any new backlink opportunities you don’t. To know where your competitors stand, you need to do a competitive analysis to find the missing links.

  • Use resource page link building to link to product pages

Resource link building is an excellent way to build links to products because it links to category and product pages. Many ecommerce site owners need help to make links to category and product pages. You can start with the most common method: looking for resource pages. Use “PRODUCT CATEGORY” as a search term within url: resources OR in url: links. Once you’ve found a few reference pages for that product category, you can reverse-engineer the pages listed to see more backlink opportunities.

There are consumer product resource pages with direct links to products and categories. For instance, the research page of a person who likes to work out at home could have links to exercise clothes, water bottles, safety gear, and gym equipment. This page about home training equipment uses the search term “train at home” to link to the related products the company sells.

  • Utilize a FAQ page

FAQ pages can help you find solutions to problems in your field. They are a linkable asset whose goal is to get a page to rank well in search engines for many long-tail keywords on a single topic. If people search for these words, they will find your content.

The FAQ at the bottom of this page about wholesale cleaning supplies by Zogics is an excellent example of using informative content that builds links and a FAQ to get more attention.

  • Look at your list of links

A link profile is a list of all the links on your website that have been found. Think of it as your site’s link fingerprint. A good link profile only has clean links that don’t look spammy or like they were forced or manipulated. The age of your site can change your link profile, the business you’re in, the quality of your links, and other things.

Your site’s link profile is made up of the following:

  1. How people can get back to your site.
  2. The text that links to those pages.
  3. Where those links came from

Google takes all of these things into account to keep SEO as clean as possible. Using services like Moz Link Explorer, you can check your link profile and figure out why your eCommerce pages rank where they are in search results. You can also get an analysis of your competitors, find broken links, review and track your backlinks and incoming connections, and more. Most of the time, your homepage will get the most links from the most important sites.

Think about this Leflore Paris homepage, which has links from high-quality sites like Treehugger and Vogue UK. Reviewing your link profile will help you find these links. You can then use them to show potential customers that you are trustworthy by putting “As Seen On” badges on the homepage of your site.

  • Create partnerships with other companies

Most affiliate links have a “No follow” label, which means they won’t affect your results much. But they will make you more known and bring more people to your ecommerce site. This could lead to more natural links going back to your site.

Creating affiliate partnerships with bloggers and people who have a lot of influence is a great way to increase sales and traffic to your site and get links that lead to it. You can get links from high-quality sites if you choose the right affiliate partners. Another benefit is that people often send these links to your product pages.


There are many ways to build links that work. But these are the best ways for someone who has never made links before to start with SEO Agency Australia. They are easy, don’t cost much (except for the tools), and work immediately.

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