How do I Import an OLM file into Outlook for Windows?

Tired of finding a reliable solution to import OLM files to Outlook for Windows? Don’t worry, your problem is ours. In this guide, we have decided to tell you all the necessary details to carry out this process and also give the best trustworthy solution to solve it.

MS Outlook is an email client used for both Windows and Mac. Both platforms are similar to each other. However, the difference is between the file format to save the mailbox file. On Mac, Outlook saves its mailbox data in OLM file format, but unlike Windows, it saves its mailbox data in PST format. In this case, many users need to open an OLM file on Windows.

Reason To Import An OLM File On Outlook Windows

  • Users have received OLM files from their clients and want to access them in Outlook Windows.
  • Users want to import OLM files into Outlook Windows to view projects and all organization updates.
  • Users want to switch from Mac to Windows but still want to use Outlook on Windows.
  • Users want to temporarily access Outlook for Mac on Windows in the office/home.

Lately, we’ve been receiving many similar requests, so I’ve searched the web for a direct manual solution, but I haven’t gotten well. However, there are some manual solutions but they are very lengthy and have many risks or limitations.

So we neglect them. Then I decided to develop an advanced and fully secured solution with the technical team to fix this problem permanently. After a lot of back and forth, our technical expert finally developed the software that we know as OLM Converter. So, let us know the working process of this software.

How To Import OLM Files Into Outlook Windows?

It is advisable to choose OLM Converter as the mastered utility to get your work done instantly with strong data protection. The amazing thing about this software is that you can complete the whole process in just a few simple clicks.

  • Install the converter on your Windows machine and launch it.
  • Choose an OLM file and add it to the software panel.
  • Here, select PST in the multiple options to choose how to save.
  • Finally, select the location you want and then click Convert to get the result immediately.

Other Benefits Of Using Power loaded Software

  • This software offers advanced data protection to keep the original data untouched. Also, the PST file converter offers a complete guarantee to get accurate results without losing a single bit of information.
  • It allows you to import OLM files to Office 365 with the same software.
  • This software is easy to use for private or professional users.
  • You can select specific dates with an email filter option to skip unnecessary files.
  • No additional application needs to be installed for this operation.

Final Verdict

In this post, we have discussed the process of importing an OLM file to Outlook for Windows. Now user easily understands how to convert OLM to PST file format. Now it’s your turn to try an expert solution like a powerful tool to import OLM files to Outlook for Windows.

If you have any confusion or encounter any problems, you can contact our technical support to get a solution immediately. Now the query here has been completely resolved.

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