How to Prepare for an Acupuncture Appointment?

Not everyone gets the same results of a single treatment because the symptoms and condition of one patient may be different in the other. So, if you are investing your time and money into a treatment that worked for your friend and not for you, you should switch to acupuncture. The beauty of this treatment is that anyone can book an appointment and get sustainable benefits from it.

Even if an acupuncture session doesn’t work for you, there will be very fees chances of any side effects. Before your appointment, you may need to prepare for the session. Certain things can elevate the pleasure of the session if only you are careful.

Schedule The Appointment Wisely

The most important thing to care for is to schedule your appointment at the right time. Make sure that you have not been engaged in a stressful activity such as weight lifting, excessive gym exercises, or anything of that sort before or after the appointment. Not only that, but you must also avoid going to events where you can get sandwiched in the rush. Try to schedule your appointment when you are completely free and can rest after going home.

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Eat Well

If anyone has told you that you shouldn’t eat anything before you go for the Dover acupuncture appointment, they are highly mistaken. Avoid eating fried, oily, and spicy food, but do not go with an empty stomach. Make sure you eat two hours before you reach the clinic so that you are neither so full nor empty stomach. If you are not fully prepared for the session and leave without eating, you can feel nauseous because the after-effects of acupuncture may leave you lightheaded.

Keep Your Medication Record

There are a lot of herb interactions in the acupuncture treatment as the traditional Chinese medicine mostly includes herbs in almost all their treatments. If you have any allergy from a specific herb, there can be a severe reaction on your body. Make sure you keep your medical record with you when you go for an acupuncture session so that any reaction can be avoided.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wearing tight fitted clothes is a big no for an acupuncture session. The last thing your acupuncturist would want is to try adjusting your clothes to find the right spots for putting the needles. This would not be comforting for you as well. To avoid embarrassment, wear loose clothes when you have an acupuncture appointment due. This makes it easier for the acupuncturist to find the right spots for treatment.

Avoid Caffeine or Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are strictly prohibited before or after your acupuncture appointment because they can result in different side effects. After your acupuncture session, you will already be feeling quite dizzy. If you drink alcohol over it, your vision will get blurred making it difficult for you to move. Similarly, if you have had coffee before the session, it will make it difficult for the acupuncturist to get the accurate heart rate as it increases your pulse.

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