The Guide to Getting Cheap Travel Insurance

If you’re going to be traveling soon, getting cheap travel insurance is probably on your list. However, getting the lowest possible price is tricky, as you still want to have the right amount of coverage, without limiting your travel insurance options too much.  

How To Get Affordable Travel Protection in Singapore

If the eye-watering costs of travel insurance are getting to you, these are some options you have to reduce the costs

Reduce Coverage Levels

In most instances reducing the level of cover allows you to reduce the overall cost of your travel insurance, but this isn’t always the right choice overall (though it’s tempting), because you may need more cover, so it’s better to choose the right level of coverage, not the least level of coverage. 

Consider Short & Sweet Trips

If your trip lasts longer and you visit many countries you pose a larger risk of something going wrong. Since insurance companies measure risk, reducing your holiday time overall is a feasible way to bring costs down a little if your budget is tight. 

Reduce Optional Extras

When you add extras to your policy it drives up the price, and these extras can include things like adventure cover for extreme sports and luxury item cover. So consider leaving the designer bag at home and paying less. 

Choose The Right Spot

If you want to bring down costs, it’s worth considering traveling to countries that come with a lowered level of risk in general. These are countries that are considered to be generally safe and have universal healthcare with established infrastructure such as good hospitals and medical services. 

Increase The Excess

When you claim with your insurer, they will ask you to pay an excess, often this amount is decided by the insurer, but there is some wiggle room. If you decide on a higher excess, you’re probably going to get a reduced cost for your insurance, but you should know that if something does go wrong, you will need to pay out of pocket, so it can be considered a gamble. 

Don’t Ignore Discounts

When you book online it can Rgbutc be easy to be swept up in the convenience of it all, but you should pick up the phone and double-check if there are any discounts you didn’t know about. This can save you a lot in the long term and include family discounts, couple offers, and even tour bundles. 

Although you can take advantage of some of these factors, many are out of your control, and it’s important to still enjoy your holiday, so don’t let the insurance dissuade you from enjoying your time away! 

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