The 5 Best Unexplored Places in Rajasthan Should Visit

India is a vast country and it will take years to travel through it in a proper manner. With the many places to see in India There is an excellent reason why Rajasthan is by far the most frequented region in India. It is full of intriguing places to explore both in terms of the landscape and cities as well as places. Most of the time, deserts are present. Rajasthan tours departing from Delhi you will find gentle green hills. And the temples and fortresses can be found everywhere, bringing us back to an era where Rajasthan was the home of Maharajas.

Here are five places to visit in Rajasthan that you must not miss


From Jaipur the travel to Alsisar via car. It takes about four hours to arrive. Alsisar is a complete world in its own right, light years away from the chaos bustle, and noise of the capital city of Rajasthan. Alsisar, which is home to has just 7k souls (a small amount in a nation in which cities with less than one million people are considered to be small) is in the past a major commercial hub, and a desert outpost , where silk traders and cotton merchants had stopped trading.

Because of this, Alsisar remains filled with Haveli which are similar to caravansaries. They have numerous courtyards, with rooms that lead to the higher floors. Women, who were not able to take part in business meetings, could watch what was going on through the windows so that they could not be visible. Today, Haveli is a wonderful place to explore. Many of them still have the older commercial records. There are also fascinating temples to visit in Alsisar.

In reality, what can make Alsisar an ideal destination is the ambience. The atmosphere is peaceful and easy. The barber greets customers at his shop. The ladies, dressed in a vibrant sarees, hide their faces to shield themselves from being spotted by curious customers. It is necessary to purchase vegetables to eat dinner. The children play in the parks and then come to greet those few visitors.


Bikaner is located 4 hours by vehicle from Alsisar and is home to just over half a million people. It’s not a tranquil city like Alsisar however it is certainly not as loud in the same way as Jaipur. It actually has fewer visitors than Jaipur’s capital. But it is worth mentioning that the Junagarh Fort has been magnificent large and beautiful. It has rooms, courtyards and doors that have exquisite decorations that are works of art. Also, the views across the city of Delhi from this fort is stunning.

Additionally to that, in Bikaner there are excellent places to stay and restaurants, such as the Gallop restaurant, which has stunning views of the fortress, which is illuminated in the evening (in the midst of serving some of the finest Indian food).


At just 70 km far from where the borders to Pakistan, Jaisalmer is simply irresistible. The city has just 70k people and that is home to a large number of visitors each year, but not just Jaisalmer boasts a gorgeous fort. In the case of Jaisalmer the fort, which is situated on top of a hill, which overlooks the city, remains home to around 3000 inhabitants. There are restaurants in jaisalmer , shops as well as small hotels and temples.

The perspective of Fort Hood from the distance is breathtaking and the streets are filled with incredible splits. Think of the typical, motorbikes, and scooters that are cruising across the entire area the fort, the cows and dogs that are free to roam and the street vendor, and the stands selling fruits. It’s a rainbow of colours.

The main issue in Jaisalmer has to do with the ever-growing number of tourists who stop inside the hotel causes an increase in the amount of water consumed and subsequent infiltration. This can affect the string itself which is gradually bursting, to the authorities being concerned. Tourists are invited to make use of the hotel facilities outside.

Desert of the Thar

Do not forget to go to Jaisalmer and do not miss an excursion on camels within the Thar Desert, in particular due to the fact that it takes just about half an hour via automobile. What person can, during the back of a camel ride for couple of days, lie in fields that are completely surrounded by nothing while enjoying the absolute silence that is so uncommon in India? If the weather is brief, it’s still a great idea to see how the sun sets from the dunes, and afterwards, dine under a tent of stars, all accompanied by the rhythm of the traditional music.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

It is believed that the Ranakpur Jain temple in Rajasthan is possibly the most stunning shrine within Rajasthan. This is an ancient temple that is dedicated to Jainism as a religion which, through extremely austere rituals, seeks to end the cycle of the reincarnation process. It is a place of worship for the faithful who are there to worship and walk through the various courtyards, and are taken to view the domes, columns, and the intricately designed decoration.

The entrance at the temples is tightly monitored You must dress in a suitable manner and take off your shoes, and you are not allowed to introduce any kind of beverage food, tobacco, or even a leather head. The people who visit the temple are scrutinized in a series of searches. Make sure that you are careful not to let more than a few characters you turn around, using the excuse of an offering.

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