What Is Included In The Complete Car Service Package?

A car service is a check-up of the vehicle carried out at set time intervals or after the vehicle has reached a certain number of miles. It is performed every 6 months or at least every year to examine all parts of the vehicle and look for damage. The car service includes multiple check-ups and visual inspections to check all key components are working. In this article, we will learn about the full car service package, what is included in it, and why it is necessary.

What Is Car Servicing?

Car servicing is the maintenance of the car carried out at least every year or after the completion of certain mileage. The time interval is usually specified by the car manufacturer stated in the car service manual. Several companies and workshops offer high-quality servicing, and you can find it by searching Car service packages near me. A complete car service package includes multiple checkups to keep the engine to continue running as it should after maintenance. There are three types of car servicing:

  1. Interim car service
  2. Full car service
  3. Major car service

All these services are performed by a qualified mechanic, who assesses everything from wear and tear to fluid leaks. The purpose of these car services is to keep your vehicle in good running condition and keep you safe from accidents that happen due to faulty components. The interim service includes almost 25 checks, full service includes 40 checks, while the major service includes more than 60 checks.

What Is A Complete Car Service?

Complete car service, also known as full car service, includes more than 40 checks. While performing this service, your mechanic will inspect your vehicle’s fluids, tires, brakes and perform other visual checks. This service is performed at least once a year to prevent breakdowns and ensures your vehicle is operating correctly. The regular full car service can save you money in the long run if performed properly. If you pay attention to this service, you will not need to pay more for expensive repairs. Full car service also improves the performance of the vehicle and increases fuel efficiency.

What Is Included In A Complete Car Service Package?

Here are the number of checks and inspections included in the complete car service package.

General Checks

When the mechanic starts performing full car service, he starts with the general checks. Different components are checked, including headlights, brake lights, indicators, horns, and warning lamps.

Internal Checks

The internal check includes the inspection of windscreen wipers washers and pollen filters. In case of a faulty pollen filter, you will be charged an extra cost for replacement. Internal checks also include windscreen cracks and chips, condition of all mirrors of the vehicle, seat belt condition, and the condition of the number plate.

Engine Checks

The engine check during the full car service includes oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, oil leaks, radiator, and coolant hose for leaks and wear. During this check, your mechanic will give you advice on antifreeze strength, inspect your fuel system and tank. A timing belt check will also be performed during this check. Your mechanic will give you advice on the replacement intervals of the timing belt.

Fluid Check

This check covers fluids inspection and top-ups if needed. It includes a screen wash, check for the coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and diesel.

Brakes Check

Your mechanic will check the brake fluid condition and report to you if a replacement is needed. You will have to pay extra in case of replacement. This check also includes brake pads inspection, brake disks inspection, and hand brake inspection.

Wheels And Tyres Check

It includes checking tire condition, pressure, and adjustment.

Steering And Suspension Check

It includes checking steering components, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, road springs.

Exhaust Check

Your mechanic will visually check the exhaust and advise on the condition of the exhaust.

Final Words

Understanding what a full car service is and how it is different from other types of services is a big challenge for many drivers. They need to know what types of checkups are included in the complete car service package and when you need to book a full service. Now that you know enough about all the things included in full car service, book an appointment and make it a regular part of your car maintenance.

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