You Should Know- Does Injector Cleaner Really Work?

Do fuel injector cleaners actually work? Well, you must have seen them in auto parts stores. These claim to increase the performance of the engine and clean the fuel system. The working efficiency of this product subsequently depends on the gas quality and carbon build-up inside the car engine. However, we will know about it in more detail in this article. Keep reading.

What Are Injector Cleaners?

Injector cleaners are the solvents that help to clean out the fuel lines. The container of an injector cleaner contains dissolvent used to break down the carbon deposits in the fuel pipes and detergents that force the carbon deposits to exit from the pipelines. This product needs to be run through a usual tank cycle to detach the build-up carbon and clean the pipes from inside. A high-quality injector cleaner dissolves the carbon inside the fuel lines. A fuel injector tester is used to check injector problems such as leaking and burning.

Do Injector Cleaners Work?

Yes, the fuel injector cleaners work if you’re using them correctly. The quality of gas, the age of the vehicle, and the condition of the engine are some factors that can affect the performance of these. The three most common ingredients used for both gasoline and diesel injector cleaner are polyisobutylene, Polyether amine and polyisobutylene.

These three chemicals have different features but share similar abilities. They remove the moisture from the fuel line, remove solid deposits inside the fuel lines and injectors, causing stuttering and loss of performance. Polyisobutylene is used to reduce the knocking and misfiring from the engine. Most manufacturers label this ingredient on their cleaning products.

A high concentration of additives in the injector cleaners are required to remove long term deposits from the vehicle. Auto mechanics suggest using a fuel injection cleaner each time of oil changing. To prevent mechanical issues, you can use injector cleaner regularly. One of the great benefits of fuel injector cleaners is that they are affordable. Therefore, you can add them to your maintenance plan.

Why Do You Need it?

Fuel injector cleaning service is like the tune-up and it can make a great difference in the performance of your vehicle. There are many reasons to get this service. The primary benefits are:

  • Saved money on fuel costs
  • Enhance the performance of a car
  • Increased engine life and performance
  • Reduced emissions for the vehicle
  • Improved gas mileage

When Do You Need to Use an Injector Cleaner?

Whenever you are performing an oil change, run a fuel injector cleaner through your fuel mix. The latest models need a fuel change after every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, while the older vehicles still need to change the oil every 3000 miles. The best way is to use top quality top tier fuel to ensure that your injectors are free of deposits. If you are experiencing problems with idling or combustion in cylinders, you can use an injector cleaner. Let’s look at few irregularities you will notice when your car needs an injector clean up.

  • Poor performance of engine
  • Pre-ignition sound
  • Hard to start
  • Throttle hesitation
  • Rough idling


In the automotive industry, we see a number of different products used for several purposes. You are probably familiar with the injector cleaner product that makes a bold claim of reducing fuel consumption and increasing engine performance. In general, there is some confusion regarding its working. If you are thinking about using it, you need to research all the products available and check whether they have been proven effective. Hopefully, this article will help you make the final decision.

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